Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Featured Artist is Randy Greenwood!

Our Featured Artist is Randy Greenwood!

Randy, 16, is entering the eleventh grade at Patrick Henry High School. He began creating about two years ago after he was involved in a football accident. He broke his back in four places and was instructed by his doctor to stay away from strenuous activities. After hearing the news that his football career was over, Randy’s father, Joel, taught him how to TIG weld. Randy caught on fast to the process of welding, as it soon became a daily occurrence for he and his father to visit the workshop. Joel states, “Once he understood the basics, he flourished. He then saw the possibilities of all the creative ideas he could apply. It turned out to be a natural fit”.

Randy’s parents explain, “Ever since he was very young he has always had a creative spark for building things”. He uses recycled steel and welds them into different shapes to create his work such as, “Dream Weaver”. His inspiration comes from creating objects that are set in motion, for example his piece “Iron Hog”.

Randy Greenwood has an eye for perfection, which can be seen in his sleek work. Come by Gallery Flux today from 11am-5pm to see Randy Greenwood’s work in our “Undiscovered.” Show. Want to see more work from Randy? Visit our website! You will be in awe of the talent this young artist has to offer!

“Iron Hog”
Transmission Parts, Sheet Metal, and Recycled Steel
7 x 3 inches

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ellen Sinclair is our Featured Artist of the Day!

Ellen Sinclair is our Featured Artist of the Day! 

Ellen Sinclair, of Virginia Beach, graduated from Hollins University in 1975, where she majored in Studio Art. 

Ellen took a break from painting to focus on her children. Once they were out on their own, she began studying Studio Art again under the instruction of Janet Fish. Ellen was so fond of these workshops, she committed herself to several more years of learning under the instruction of artists, such as Charles Sovek and Colin Page. She currently participates in an artist group, in which she meets every Thursday night. She has been participating in these weekly meetings for six years now.

Sinclair has two paintings in our “Undiscovered.” Show, “Caribbean Sunday” and “Caribbean Blue”. These paintings are from a series created while she and her husband were on a three-month sailing sabbatical. “Everyday the turquoise waters of the Caribbean were my back and front yard . I grew to love that color very much. The wind also was very much appreciated by then. I loved the way it felt on my skin or in my hair and appreciated the way it moved our sailing vessel. So it was interesting to try to capture that in my paintings either in the trees, waves, clouds or other ways. The people of the Caribbean were so very friendly and they loved Sundays and spent many hours in their churches. My husband and I visited this Anglican Church in Antigua and I enjoyed watching the people enjoying each others company after the service was over.”

Visit Gallery Flux to see Ellen Sinclair’s work in person! They really capture the beauty of the water, as well as the relaxing nature of a day on the beach. Visit our website for more work from our Featured Artist.

'Caribbean Blues'
Oil on Canvas
20 x 16 in
$ 800.00 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jacob Eveland is our Featured Artist of the Day!

Jacob Eveland is our Featured Artist of the Day!

Jacob Eveland, a recent graduate of VCU, majored in Communication Arts in which he earned a BFA. Jacob’s work, “Constrained” and “Chaos Rains”, is a part of a large series he has been working on since 2007. This artist’s talent extends beyond the visual arts. He is currently working on a graphic novel, in which each piece from his series is based on a character in the story.

Eveland’s inspiration comes from simply his life and experiences. “I pull a lot from my past growing up on four acres of land in Lebanon, IL and the twelve years I grew up in an antique shop.”

Jacob uses inks and acrylics in his work, but plans to explore different mediums in the future. Keep an eye out for this talented RVA artist!

Visit Gallery Flux today to see Jacob Eveland’s work in the “Undiscovered.” Show! We are open until 5:00pm!! Visit our website for more work from our Featured Artist!

Ink on Paper
5 x 7 in
$ 80.00

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Featured Artist of the Day is Julie carbone Johnson!

The Featured Artist of the Day is Julie carbone Johnson!

Julie grew up in Somerville, Massachusetts and is currently living in Arlington, Massachusetts. Her work is a part of the Brandeis University Women’s Studies Research Center. The women created a room to hang her piece, “The Tome”, to honor the meaning and inscription on the piece, “Embrace the spirit of forgiveness, change the pattern of your life”.

Her desire to experiment and learn has given her experience with multiple different mediums. Julie has recently started working with pastels, in which she uses in her “Undiscovered.” piece, “Musical Journey”. Her experimenting does not stop with mediums. She also plays with texture, depth, and dimensions in her work. Julie explains, “The process is a tortuous one for both for the wood and the apprentice. I made ‘Musical Journey’ by playing with texture, depth, and dimensions. Throwing charcoal, pastels, water, inks, and oils, onto the grains of wood directly and then subtracting from the work by using sandpaper. Ideally, if I have done my job right, you should be able to see something different every time you look at it”.

Julie finds her inspiration from travel, music, her cat, and her husband. Her motto for life is “Smile to a stranger, Laugh with a child, And keep the crazy glue, Away from small furry creatures”.

Visit Gallery Flux today to see Julie carbone Johnson’s “Musical Journey” in our “Undiscovered.” Exhibition. Can't make it in today? Visit our website for more! You do not want to miss this unique piece, which holds so much depth. We are open until 5pm!

"Musical Journey"
Oil Pastel and Charcoal on Wood 
48 x 24 in 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nathan Compton is our Featured Artist of the Day!

Nathan Compton is our Featured Artist of the Day!

This Atlanta, Georgia native began making photographs when he was 14 years old. He is currently in RVA finishing up his final semester at Virginia Commonwealth University. Compton will receive a BFA in Photography and Film.

Nathan has been working on a series of photographs for the last two years, which includes the two hanging in Gallery Flux. He explains his process as “…an exploration of the relationship between natural and man-made space. Through the impositions of human structure, our understanding of the spaces around us is altered. This illusory phenomenon can be felt at the edge between what is considered inside and outside our domain.”

Visit Gallery Flux, The Annex, today from 11am-5pm to see Nathan Compton’s striking photographs. These pieces will surely catch your eye with its contrast of bold colors, such as seen in “Red and White”.

Visit our website to see more from Nathan Compton!

"Red and White"
Inkjet Print
13.5 x 18 in
$ 450.00

Thursday, July 17, 2014

About Us!

Our Mission
The mission of Gallery Flux is to present art that excites patrons, artists, and art enthusiasts alike, that is ever-changing and always surprising: in flux. Gallery Flux desires to provide artists with opportunities to display their art in a clean and modern gallery. The vision and desire is that people will make the gallery and the town in general an art destination. Finally, the hope is that the gallery's retail model will be emulated by others to help bring exciting new retail economic vitality to the Ashland city center.

How did we get started?
Gallery Flux opened in the Fall of 2010. Hugh Joyce, the gallery owner, opened the Gallery to showcase an ever-changing body of art in the historic town of Ashland, Virginia.

Originally starting out with one location, 307B England Street, Gallery Flux has recently expanded into two locations. Earlier this month, we opened the Gallery Flux Annex, which you can find located just across the street from our original building (302 England Street)!

Gallery Flux is open Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday 11am-4pm. Our exhibitions change every one to two months, creating an ever-changing display of art.

Looking for something fun to do on Thursday nights? Come to Gallery Flux! We participate in "Ashland First Thursdays". Every first Thursday of the month, we welcome the public to an Opening Reception from 5:30-8:00pm. All ages are welcome, so bring your friends and family to enjoy a fun night of refreshments, conversation, and of course, art!

Our Team
Gallery Owner: Hugh Joyce
Gallery Director: Alexis V. Shockley
Hugh Joyce's Assistant: Tammy Teefey-Conti
Gallery Assistant: Anne Louise Schwabenton