Saturday, October 29, 2016

Artist Spotlight

Stephanie Joyce 

Stephanie Joyce is an artist/yogi originally from Virginia. Her mother was and artist and her family lived on a farm along a river far from the closest city. Their fun was what they made within themselves. 

Stephanie moved to New York and earned her BFA from Parsons. She began her Career as a stylist's assistant at Vogue Magazine. Later, she worked as a designer and colorist for companies such as Calvin Klein, Banana Republic and Michael Katz Studio. 

She later Moved to London, and studied painting at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts. It was here that Stephanie dedicated herself to painting. She has since exhibited her work in New York, along the East Coast, and in Europe at such galleries as Farum Gallery, Denmark, New Century Artists, NY, Silvermine Arts Center, CT and Lockwood Matthews Museum, CT.

Having discovered yoga as a way to more fully open up to the creative process , Stephanie decided to travel to India to deepen her practice. She studied in Rishikesh with Ghurmukh where she received her KRI certification as a kundalini yoga instructor. Stephanie began combining art and yoga as a way to nurture the soul and find inner peace. She has led workshops at yoga studios, festivals, international outreach programs, homeless shelters, universities, and retreats. She no lives along the Rippowam River, a constant source of inspiration for her life's work. She strive to bring out the artist in all and to dive deep. 

"Nature has been manipulated through a range of materials, all of which have been transformed and re-purposed so that they transcend definitions and traditions. The outcome is an art experience, which enters a mystical realm where ritual, genealogy and anthropological roots are explored. 
The Cycle of life is presented in these works, the ephemeral to the ethereal. The juxtaposition of organic form with the tranquility of an evening landscape bridges the worlds of the rooted to the transcended. 
Images are drawn from sketchbooks, plant materials run through the printing press, the river that flowed in front of my childhood home, an old botany book rescued from a house moments away from being demolished, pieces of the landscape collected. 
My paintings are layered with veils of color to evoke the mystery and harmony of nature. Ancient symbols emerge from the subtle realms and intertwine with meadow grasses and flowing streams."
-Stephanie Joyce       
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Meditation Workshop with Monica Rao

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."

                                          - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati       
Please join us October 29th from 11 am until noon for an interactive hour long workshop to help participants find inner peace and inner silence in a way that the mind will endeavor to eliminate unwanted thoughts. In this workshop, Monica Rao will spend the first 15 minutes sharing her personal story as well as how participants, through meditation and spiritual healing will engage with hands-on experience and group discussion. The goal is to help everyone who is involved to find a state of mindful, intuitive, fulfilled, grounded and joyful state of being. Ultimately, Monica aims to help individuals alleviate themselves of stress, anxiety and illness so that they are able to find their inner talent and happiness. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket. 

Monica Rao, MSA, has been an avid meditator and spiritual healer for more than 25 years, originally trained in Mumbai, India. Following a near death experience in which she healed herself with meditation and spiritual healing, it is her desire to expand awareness of how art and meditation provide therapeutic healing for the soul. Her goal is to help people reach a positive state of existence through powerful spiritual awakening. A full-time artist, Monica enjoys enriching the lives of others through her abstract work. Perhaps due to rising levels of stress and illness in human life, she spends much of her time teaching meditation in groups (retreats for groups, companies and employee teams) and privately with individuals. Additionally, she also does spiritual healing including chakra balancing and divine light healing therapies. She is reachable through email at

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Yoga and Meditation for Creativity Workshop and Gong Relaxation With Stephanie Joyce 

On Saturday October 8th, Gallery Flux hosted our second Yoga and Meditation for Creativity Workshop and Gong Relaxation in conjunction with our new Show Pathways to Awakening! The event ran from 9:00-11:00 am and focused on using yoga as a way to open the creative process. Artist Stephanie Joyce led participants into a state of  deepened awareness through meditation alongside her paintings and the works of fellow artists Susan Newbold, and Heidi Lewis Coleman. Stephanie's workshop had a wonderful turn out in spite of  heavy rains from Hurricane Matthew. People of all ages and levels of experience showed up for the event. Participants enjoyed an interactive Kundalini yoga session followed by a healing gong bath. The gong has been used since ancient times to disperse negativity and promote healing in the body.  It is an ideal transformational tool for stress reduction, removal of blocks and to stimulate the glandular system. The gong resonates throughout every cell in the body and empowers health, learning and productivity. 

“The gong is an intervibratory system.  It is the sound of creativity itself.  One who plays the gong plays the universe.”  Yogi Bhajan

Stephanie Joyce is an artist/yogi originally from Hanover County, VA.  She studied art in New York, London and Paris and received her BFA from Parsons School of Design.  She is a KRI certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor and trained with Ghurmukh in Rishikesh, India.  She also received her certification to teach art and yoga from Hari Kirin Kaur at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  Stephanie divides her time between Connecticut and New York and is an exhibiting artist at Gallery Flux.  It is her goal to bring out the inner artist in all through yoga, meditation and sound healing.  Please visit for more information.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pathways to Awakening Opening Reception 

Thursday October 6th marked the opening night of Gallery Flux's new show Pathways to Awakening  featuring artists Heidi Lewis Coleman, Stephanie Joyce, and Susan Newbold. The works included are meditative environments inspired by nature and sacred geometry. A variety of materials have been incorporated, such as mylar, wood, Thai kozo paper, cut steel, and Indian block prints. Working collaboratively, the artists' studio sessions began with meditation and yoga, which opened them to the flow of creativity and the artwork took shape and form. All three artists were able to attend the Thursday night opening where they each had a chance to talk to the audience about their work and process. We had a good turn out in spite of the oncoming hurricane Matthew. Visitors enjoyed the ability to talk to the artists one on one about their pieces. Be sure to come down to Gallery Flux before November 26th to see this exciting and innovative new show or check out the work from the comfort of your own home via our website