Friday, June 30, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Young

"Painting is the language I use to express my reverence for the beauty of the natural world. The delicacy of a flower, the power of the ocean waves, the brilliance of a sunset; all are awe-inspiring and represent one of our greatest gifts in this life, worthy of celebrating and protecting. I paint and draw from life as often as possible. Painting in nature, "en plein air", I learn to hone my skills of observation and distill the complexities of a scene down to its essentials. Bringing what I've learned back into the studio, I can then expand on my ideas with varied explorations in color, composition, and format. Ultimately it is my sincere hope that through my work I can inspire a renewed appreciation for art of the landscape and for Nature herself, as well as a desire to preserve the landscape for future generations."
-Jennifer Young 
Jennifer  Young - Take Me To the River
Take  Me to the River | Oil on Linen
24 x 30 inches | $2395 

Jennifer  Young - Lemons With a Springtime Shawl
Lemons with a Springtime Shawl | Oil on Linen
24 x 24 inches | $1995 

Jennifer  Young - Rassawek Vineyard
Rassawek Vineyard | Oil on Linen
30 x 40 inches | $3675 

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Artist Spotlight: Lisa Neher

"When I began to paint, after not having touched a piece of artwork for years, I came to art with little formal training, and 30 years of making my way through the world. When Professor Steve Cushner, at the Corcoran School of Art, asked his class “What do you want to accomplish when you paint?” my answer was that I wanted to incorporate systems theory into my paintings - linking my subjects with their before's and after's, as dynamic rather than static. Of course, I had no idea how to do this. For years, I painted, learning my materials and capabilities. One day, a studio guest asked me how I produced my work. While explaining that I often painted over old paintings that didn’t satisfy me, I realized that each previous painting had left parts of itself to participate in the newer painting. The new painting became an unexpected and unpredictable image incorporating elements of everything that came before."
- Lisa Neher 

Lisa  Neher - Irises
Irises Acrylic on Canvas   
48 x 36 inches | $3100

Lisa  Neher - Farmhouse
Farmhouse | Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 38 inches | $3100

Lisa  Neher - Afternoon Light on the Palms
Afternoon Light on the Palms | Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 38 inches | $3100

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Artist Spotlight: Suzy Durband

Originally from the hills of East Tennessee, Suzy grew up surrounded by color. While living as a military wife in Oklahoma and working as a full-time mother, she began dabbling in watercolor and rekindled her life-long passion for painting. She then had the pleasure of moving to Mount Pleasant, SC where she found inspiration in the rich beauty of the low country. Inspired by the brilliant landscapes of Charleston, Suzy began her serious study of color. She switched to oil painting and developed her technique of using visible brush strokes to tell a unique story. She specializes in impressionist bold color oil paintings. Her emphasis on color is designed to provoke emotion and perhaps connect the viewer’s own memories to the canvas. After moving her family eleven times, and sending her kids away to college, Suzy dedicates all her time to painting. She now considers art to be more than a profession. It is a spiritual place she turns to every day. 

Suzy  Durband - Boats Along the Pier
Boats Along the Pier |Oil on Canvas
30 x 40 inches |$3250
Suzy  Durband - Summer Tree
Summer Tree| Oil
20 x 16 inches | $1500

Suzy  Durband -
Rusty Can | Oil
10 x 8 inches | $700

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Artist Spotlight: Cri Kars-Marshall

Simplicity of design and a fascination with curves and intersecting lines are important elements in building my sculptures. I’m inspired to create open abstract shapes with sensual folds and joyful colors, and in the process am discovering new potential in both form and finish. Working occasionally with malleable aluminum mesh I’ve found this medium offers a refreshing contrast to my work with ceramics. Most of my mesh pieces can be hung in the air, allowing for shadows and motion. In both clay and metal the exploration of open spaces is an integral part of my final forms.
- Cri Kars-Marshall 

Cri  Kars-Marshall - Snow White
Snow White | Stoneware and Marble Dust Cement
8.5 x 10 x 8 inches |  $400

Cri  Kars-Marshall -
Morphing | Stoneware and Marble Dust Cement
11 x 13 x 14 inches | $700
Cri  Kars-Marshall -
Stoneware and Marble Dust Cement
13 x 14 x 10 inches | $700

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Artist Spotlight: Amy Harris

"Each mark creates a need for the next mark until the whole work is fully composed into something mysterious even to myself, whose hand was present throughout the creation. I do not intend to form any distinct imagery. The mind, however, flows from experiences of the past, and often imagery and emotion are inevitable when viewing non-representational art. Everyone is affected by personal history, giving each viewer a unique perspective. I’m fascinated by the variety of responses evoked by one piece and how there is no perfect understanding. Imperfection is beautiful to me, and I embrace it in my own work as evidence of humanness. I stay true to the process of creating by not “cleaning up” the final form. It is important to me that I am honest with each step of the work’s development and do not place more emphasis on the most visible outer layer. The edges that seem unfinished are as much a part of the piece as the central composition because of the history they hold."    

-Amy Harris 

Amy  Harris - SM
SM | Mixed Media
54 x 41 inches | $1500 
Amy  Harris - Echo
Echo | Oil on Synthetic Paper
36 x 36 inches | $1800

Amy  Harris - In-supreme Blue Square
In-supreme Blue Square | Oil on Synthetic Paper
8 x 8 inches | $400

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Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Joyce

"Nature has been manipulated through a range of materials, all of which have been transformed and re-purposed so that they transcend definitions and traditions. The outcome is an art experience, which enters a mystical realm where ritual, genealogy and anthropological roots are explored."
- Stephanie Joyce
Stephanie  Joyce - Stardust II
Stardust II | Mixed Media
8 x 8 inches | $175

Stephanie  Joyce -
The World Unseen | Monoprint with Watercolor
43 x 29 inches | $1100

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Artist Spotlight: Matthew Scott Myers

Matthew Scott Myers left College with an English degree and dreams of drinking and writing. However, he wound up traveling the United States and Europe in a  floundering, drinking a little too much, rock n roll type of band. Somewhere along the way, he picked up some cheap oils and taught himself how to paint. For the last ten years, Matthew has been dancing while he paints, raises two daughters who also dance while he paints, and is married to a lovely woman who wishes he would put on some pants when he dances. In the last year his work has blossomed into a many splendored thing: Part Realism-Part Colorful play. He hopes to capture the earth joyfully.

Matthew Scott Myers - Right in the Corner
Brighten the Corner | Oil on Canvas
8 x 8 inches | $400

Matthew Scott Myers - Untitled
Balanced | Oil on Canvas
48 x 36 inches | $5500
Matthew Scott Myers - A Short Pop of Pink
A Short Pop of Pink | Oil on Canvas
12 x 24 inches | $800

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Artist Spotlight: Christopher Phillips

Christopher S Phillips - As the Light Faded
As the Light Faded | Oil
8 x 8 inches | $400
Phillips studied at Pensacola Christian College, earning a BS in studio art. Afterwards, he stayed and earned his MFA under the mentorship of acclaimed biblical illustrator and fine artist, Brian Jekel. Phillips is currently pursuing an additional MFA in illustration at Marywood University. Phillips has been influenced by revered illustrators and storytellers such as Dean Cornwell, N.C. Wyeth, and Arthur Rackham. Altogether, Phillips considers himself an illustrator in that he seeks to tell stories and convey truth in all of his creative work.
Phillips resides in Lynchburg, Virginia with his wife, Kelsey Phillips – likewise an illustrator – and pet rabbit, Farley. He is a member of the Liberty University art faculty where he teaches painting, drawing, and design classes. As a teacher and illustrator, Phillips’ goal is to bring honor and glory to God and reflect His creativity.

Christopher S Phillips - Seasons Fade
Seasons Fade | Oil 
8 x 8 inches | $400
Christopher S Phillips - Coulors of Joy
Colours of Joy | Oil on Linen
11 x 11 inches | $580

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Artist Spotlight: Nol Putnam

Artist Spotlight 

I work in two mediums: blacksmithing and photography. I say blacksmithing, but over my 40-year career it has evolved considerably... the first ten years to learn the craft; the middle twenty creating architectural scale ironwork up and down the East Coast of the United States; and, the last ten creating forged sculpture. Concurrently with the last phase and partly from necessity, I have taken up photography. 
Fro the ironwork I use a two pound Swedish forging hammer and a 300 pound Kohlswa Anvil as well as innumerable other tools; for photography a Nikon 7000 rooted into a Mac platform and a large format Canon printer using archival inks and photo paper. 
I backed into my life as an artist. I was raised around well-known artists and when I was old enough to realize their talents, quickly concluded I needed to find another profession. After serving in the Army, after completing college, I taught senior high school for 14 years, largely in the field of history. I loved it; and, I was exhausted. I finally realized I could not escape my upbringing - art it was. It was a scary jump. But jump I did and forty years later I am so glad I did. I gave me back my life. 

"Using the four sacred elements of earth(iron), fire, air and water daily, I am not sure how much closer I could get to the essence of life. I walk from my house with my faithful Tye, around the pond, past the salt lick for deer, over the first of two small bridges, past the daffodils in the spring, past the old wall that reproaches me daily for not making it whole again, and up to the forge. On a good day I throw open the doors and let the sunshine flood the space."
-Nol Putnam

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Artist Spotlight: Nancy Cozart

Artist Spotlight 

Nancy Cozart lives and works in Ashland, Virginia where she is lovingly referred to as "everyone's art teacher". Ms. Cozart has had a long career in the arts, at one point heading Hanover County's Art Education program. She currently works for VCU, where she places art education alum in prospective schools. Her studio is called South Anna Clay, located in Hanover County, where she creates one of a kind stoneware.

"While I enjoy colorful and painterly works in acrylic or oil, traditional black and white photography, sculpture and mixed media, design and composition, it is really work in clay that’s my favorite. I am still learning to control my passion for getting into the mud and have learned that I am too interested experimenting with each design to be a production potter. I prefer to think of each piece as a gift to be passed on rather than a commodity."
- Nancy Cozart 

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Artist Spotlight: Dennis Winston

My work reflects both my urban and rural experiences. As an artist, I am driven by needs that are both aesthetic and social. My themes are universal and are concerned with the everyday reality of all human existence. The woodcut allows me to use a bold and direct black and white approach in my work. This is an ordinary medium through which I endeavor to capture telling moments in the lives of ordinary people. It is an attempt to reveal something of their character, the history that has shaped them, and the spirit that sustains them. These works express essential ideas, and I have merged my vision and the medium to celebrate both the process and my perception.
  - Dennis Winston 

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Patte Ormsby

Artist Spotlight 

Patte Ormsby 

Inspired by Renaissance holy paintings and the sacred feelings they evoke, I want to create that essence of mystique in my paintings; using old ideas in new ways to portray my vision of things I see in this world all around.  By borrowing fundamental visual elements of these holyworks, including richness of surface, deep clear color, iconic pattern, and goldleaf, crackled by the patina of age, I try to suggest a feeling of timeless reverence in a contemporary, secular context.
My paintings have evolved from figurative, to landscape and beyond as they move ever closer toward abstraction. Focus shifts from subject matter to an emphasis on richly textured surface, to conjure mystery and invite a closer look. Through experimentation, educated guessing and happy accidents, I  have developed a process that combines traditional technique with unconventional, yet readily available materials.
I paint on panels prepared with thick texture and reflective treatments. I build the paintings, layer upon layer with sprayed pattern, translucent oils, metal leaf, patina and varnish resists.  As layers emerge, crack or dissolve, they obscure or reveal underlying levels of color and shape that add the illusion of depth.  Only then do I complete the process with finish brushwork to enhance that illusion and incite curiosity for what lies beneath.  That which came before. 
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rassawek Spring Jubilee

The Rassawek Spring Jubilee celebrates the local, the handmade and the homegrown, spotlighting their passion for craftsmanship and creativity, which contribute to strong communities, pride of place and heritage, and a vibrant culture where we live, work and play. 

We were thrilled to join the festivities and enjoyed spending the weekend meeting a variety of people, and, of course showing off our fabulous artists! We had three painting on-site at the vineyard. The property is absolutely stunning and the rolling hills, open skies, lush greenery, two ponds and a new covered bridge inspired the beautiful pieces from Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Dan Michael and Jennifer Young.

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi | Rassawek, Across the Water
Oil on Canvas | 8 x 10 inches | $400

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi | Rassawek Grapevines
Oil on Canvas | 9 x 12 inches | $425

Dan Michael | Covered Bridge Rassawek
Pastel | 12 x 8 inches | $450

Jennifer Young | Spring Jubilee at Rassawek
Oil on Panel | 9 x 12 inches | $575

Jennifer Young | Lakeside at Rassawek
Oil on Panel | 9 x 12 inches | $575

We would love to show you these amazing pieces in person, so please feel free to stop by our gallery to see these works, or simply go to our website to see all available artwork at your convenience!
Tuesday-Friday 11-5 | Saturday 11-4 
*Please note: we are closed on Mondays during June and July

Friday, June 23, 2017

Artist Spotlight : Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

Artist Spotlight 

Whether outside or in the studio, once Hollett-Bazouzi has completed her thought process, she works until the painting is done. Besides trying to capture the moment, the wind, the ripple, the sound and light, there is the physical factor of how she paints and it is very difficult to go back and finish later. Touch up, yes; stop for a few days and come back, no. She uses a painting knife almost exclusively, and that lays the paint onto the canvas very differently than a brush. Once the paint has begun to harden, she can’t push and pull the paint around, scratch and scrub, build and obliterate. The texture becomes too busy, too disruptive to her thought process. In the studio she will work 12 hours uninterrupted on a large canvas—capturing that same sense of urgency she feels when working outdoors. This is fueled not only by constantly changing light and weather, but also by the locations Hollett-Bazouzi chooses. She's drawn to areas that we see but don’t see. This leads to work being done in a series, expressing change over time, real or imagined, within herself or in the location.

"Alla prima, au premier coup, all at once, first strike. Whatever you call it, my best work has always been about this—whether outside or in the studio, once I’ve completed my thought process, I work until the painting is done. Besides trying to capture the moment, the wind, the ripple, the sound and light, there is the physical factor that because of how I paint it is very difficult to go back and finish later. Touch up, yes; stop for a few days and come back, no. I use a painting knife almost exclusively, and that lays the paint onto the canvas very differently than a brush. Once the paint has begun to harden, I can’t push and pull the paint around, scratch and scrub, build and obliterate.I am drawn to areas that we see but don’t see. This leads to work being done in a series, expressing change over time, real or imagined, within myself or in the location."
- Linda Hollett-Bazouzi 
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