Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Artist Spotlight 

Dan Michael 

Born in Virginia, and raised in Michigan, Dan Michael received his B.F.A. in Graphic Design in a joint program from Aquinas College and Kendall School of Design. After working as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising agencies, Dan began painting full-time in 2008. Dan prefers pastel as a medium because of its directness. Pastels are simply pure pigment, the same pigments used in watercolor and oil paint, with just enough binder added to form it into a stick.

His goal is to create paintings filled with light, atmosphere and a variety of textures. Because of the inherent ability of pastel to reflect light, and its versatility of application and manipulation, Dan believes reaching his goal is far more attainable. This use of directness is shown throughout his latest works, which can be viewed on our most recent exhibition Colors of Home

One of Dan's pieces, Distractions, featured on exhibit January 5th-March 2017

Can't get enough of Dan's art? Browse on our website at Galleryflux.com! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Artist Spotlight

Amy Donahue 

Amy studied at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, receiving her BA in Communication Arts. She now lives in Midlothian with her husband, Mark and family. She paints full-time both on location and in her home studio. While subject matter can vary, she is drawn to paint the light as it interacts with nature. Her artwork often includes a hint of man-made structures settled among the natural world – a house, a figure, even a pathway. This combination between man and natural world are shown throughout her latest works, which can be viewed on our most recent exhibition, Colors of Home. Amy’s paintings attempt to depict both man and land as equally subject to the effects of the sun’s light and earth’s atmosphere.

"Everywhere I travel scenes beg to be painted. Light and vivid color captivate me. Of course God creates the most vibrant and dynamic colors and patterns-even so, I enjoy paying homage to His designs by rendering 2D versions of what I see. I love to paint the details of what I see: the contrasts in the lights and darks and the vibrancy of the world."
- Amy Donahue 

One of Amy's pieces, Yellow Medley, featured on exhibit January 5th-March 2017.

Can't get enough of Amy's art? Browse on our website at Galleryflux.com! 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Opening Reception, January 6th: Colors of Home

What a wonderful evening we had showcasing the extraordinary artwork of our three featured artists: Amy HR Donahue, Dan Michael and David Camden. We always have a great time at our opening receptions and this one was no exception! The gallery was filled to the brim with many familiar faces and it was a treat to welcome some new friends to our Gallery Flux family. Our guests enjoyed viewing the new artwork and meeting the artists in person. We were thrilled that so many found a special piece to add to their home.

The highlight of the evening was the interactive artist talks. Listening to each artist speak about their work, their process and what inspires them was a great way for our guests to get to know the story behind the pieces and learn more about Amy, Dan and David. It was fun to hear the artists describe how they captured a familiar local scene or landmark--in Amy and Dan's cases--and learning about the firing process and different glazes from David was enlightening. 

If you didn't make it out to the reception, please feel free to stop by the gallery when you are free to view this amazing new collection of work. Colors of Home will be on display until the end of February and we would love to see you and give you a personal tour. Another simple way to view the new show is by checking it out on our website here.

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