Thursday, February 22, 2018

'Painting in the Elements'

We had a fabulous time at our workshop 'Painting in the Elements' where artists Joseph Burrough, Kim Hall, Dan Michael, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, and Maria Reardon gave us an intimate look into painting plein air in the elements! Each artist set up their station in the gallery as though they were outside, including what they would be wearing. Guests were able to walk around, ask questions, watch them paint, and learn tips and tricks to painting in the freezing cold, sticky heat, blowing winds, and busy streets.

Kim Hall
Joseph Burrough
Linda Hollett-Bazouzi
Dan Michael
Maria Reardon
To learn more about these artists and to see their available artwork, please visit our website here!

Please join us NEXT Thursday for the Opening Reception of '1 Pond + 4 Acres' a new solo exhibit of oil paintings by Dan Bartges. Created over the course of 12 months, these two dozen landscapes depict various views from just 4 acres of farmland near Ashland.  The reception will be from 5:30-8pm with the artist giving an art talk at 6:30pm.


Friday, February 9, 2018

Reception | 'Snow | Stillness Covers the Land'

Mary O. Dickerson | Starburst in Winter Sky | Fused Glass | $400

Gallery Flux would like to extend a huge thank you to all our loyal supporters and collectors that came out to our February reception for 'Snow | Stillness Covers the Land'! We love hosting receptions and showing the amazing artwork we have to offer. Receptions at Gallery Flux are a casual, fun time where conversation flows easily between artists and friends. It is especially exciting to learn first-hand what inspired the work and the techniques that went into its production. Featuring snow and winter themed artwork in a variety of mediums, this show is a stunning example of the creativity of gallery director Alexis Shockley, whose vision to create a winter wonderland evoking the peaceful stillness of winter was brought to life in this amazing exhibit.
Participating Artists
Dan Bartges, Tom Bradshaw, Joseph Burrough, Mark Campbell, Bob Carlson, Marla Coleman, Mary O. Dickerson, Amy Donahue, Laura Goetz, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Kim Hall, Clinton Helms, Stephanie Joyce, Cri Kars-Marshall, Elizabeth Kinahan, Barbara Kiwak, Brett LaGue, Julia Lesnichy, Andre Lucero, Dan Michael, Suzanne G. Morris, Mary Pedini, Janie Pinney, Maria Reardon, Kathleen Walsh, Kathleen Willingham, Jenny Windsor, Dennis Winston, Bob Worthy, and Jennifer Young
If you enjoyed this exhibit and accompanying receptions, please mark your calendar for our March show, '1 Pond + 4 Acres' a solo exhibit of all new oil painting by local artist Dan Bartges.