Friday, February 9, 2018

Reception | 'Snow | Stillness Covers the Land'

Mary O. Dickerson | Starburst in Winter Sky | Fused Glass | $400

Gallery Flux would like to extend a huge thank you to all our loyal supporters and collectors that came out to our February reception for 'Snow | Stillness Covers the Land'! We love hosting receptions and showing the amazing artwork we have to offer. Receptions at Gallery Flux are a casual, fun time where conversation flows easily between artists and friends. It is especially exciting to learn first-hand what inspired the work and the techniques that went into its production. Featuring snow and winter themed artwork in a variety of mediums, this show is a stunning example of the creativity of gallery director Alexis Shockley, whose vision to create a winter wonderland evoking the peaceful stillness of winter was brought to life in this amazing exhibit.
Participating Artists
Dan Bartges, Tom Bradshaw, Joseph Burrough, Mark Campbell, Bob Carlson, Marla Coleman, Mary O. Dickerson, Amy Donahue, Laura Goetz, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Kim Hall, Clinton Helms, Stephanie Joyce, Cri Kars-Marshall, Elizabeth Kinahan, Barbara Kiwak, Brett LaGue, Julia Lesnichy, Andre Lucero, Dan Michael, Suzanne G. Morris, Mary Pedini, Janie Pinney, Maria Reardon, Kathleen Walsh, Kathleen Willingham, Jenny Windsor, Dennis Winston, Bob Worthy, and Jennifer Young
If you enjoyed this exhibit and accompanying receptions, please mark your calendar for our March show, '1 Pond + 4 Acres' a solo exhibit of all new oil painting by local artist Dan Bartges.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Opening Reception: Snow | Stillness Covers the Land

After postponing the original opening due to snow (how ironic is that?), we were thrilled to welcome our friends to Gallery Flux for the latest exhibit, Snow: Stillness Covers the Land!  The gallery was a winter wonderland with lovely new works by local artists, evoking the peaceful winter weather. With a range of mediums and subject matter, there was a beautiful array of snowy scenes.

The evening was full of excitement with new faces and lots of great conversation about the compelling artwork. We were grateful to have many of the exhibiting artists in the gallery to introduce to guests and hear the stories and techniques behind the artwork.

Here are some highlights from the evening...

Participating Artists
Dan Bartges, Tom Bradshaw, Joseph Burrough, Mark Campbell, Bob Carlson, Marla Coleman, Mary O. Dickerson, Amy Donahue, Laura Goetz, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Kim Hall, Clinton Helms, Stephanie Joyce, Cri Kars-Marshall, Elizabeth Kinahan, Barbara Kiwak, Brett LaGue, Julia Lesnichy, Andre Lucero, Dan Michael, Suzanne G. Morris, Mary Pedini, Janie Pinney, Maria Reardon, Kathleen Walsh, Kathleen Willingham, Jenny Windsor, Dennis Winston, Bob Worthy, and Jennifer Young

If you missed us last night, please mark your calendar for our next Opening Reception on February 1st. We have a wonderful time hosting our friends, artists and first-time guests and would love to see you there!

On exhibit until 2/24 | View the full collection here.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Opening Reception | 6th Annual Miniature Show


Wow! This might have been our biggest Opening Reception to date, thanks to the amazing artwork and unbeatable affordability of all new oil and acrylic paintings, pastels, encaustics, ceramics, jewelry, woodcuts, and other mixed media works! This show offers clients a chance to invest in Fine Art at reasonable prices from compelling local and regional artists. All artwork featured in this show is priced $400 or less and 8" x 8" or smaller.

Participating Artists
Taylor Adams, Dan Bartges, Linda J Beeman, Coakley Brown, 
Julie Burleigh, Joseph Burrough, David Camden, Susan Cary, Paul DiPasquale, 
Amy Donahue, Louise Ellis, Laura Goetz, Jenna Guthrie, Kim Hall, 
Elaine Hahn, Clinton Helms, Linda Hollett-Bazouzi, Sue Jachimiec, 
Kelly K Johnston, Elizabeth Kinahan, Emma Knight, Brett LaGue, 
Vanna Lam, Bonnie Mason, Dan Michael, Ashley Sauder Miller, 
Suzanne G Morris, Meredith Mullins, Tony Mullins, Matthew Scott Myers, 
Janis O’Grady, Patte Ormsby, Mary Pedini, Christopher Phillips, 
Monica Rao, Lynda Ray, Renee Stramel, Charles Sthreshley, 
Mel Titus, Kathleen Walsh, Deborah Weiss, Laura Williams, 
Kathleen Willingham, Johannah Willsey, Jenny Windsor, Dennis Winston, 
& Mary Jane Zander

Add to your current art collection or begin 
entry level fine art collecting.

shop online for all available works HERE:

Don't wait...on exhibit until December 30th!!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Opening Reception | Kathleen Walsh 'Africa: Women I Met Along the Way'

It's been a busy month at Gallery Flux, but the most recent work from Kathleen Walsh is still resonating with us and we would be remiss if we didn't spotlight her opening and share the inspiration behind the artwork. It was an exciting night as we unveiled the stunning watercolor and mixed media pieces! The response to this work has been extraordinary and the crowd at the opening made for a fun evening!

For 20 plus years Kathleen Walsh lived, worked and raised a family overseas, eight of those years in Africa. During her time there, she built relationships with the local residents and became part of the community. On her trip this past year, she was inspired by the women. She took her sketch book with her and filled it with images of women as they went about their normal daily routines. The sketches inspired large acrylic and mixed media paintings upon her return to her studio in Fredericksburg. She let her creativity flow and the Africa: Women I Met Along the Way series was created.

Watercolor Sketches | 12 x 12 inches
It is difficult to say what in Africa surprised me most. Was it the half marathon run in the unimaginable heat of the Sahara, the handicapped in wheelchairs leading the race? Perhaps it was the miracle of water at an oasis deep within the desert. Maybe the staggering beauty of the orange red sun melting into the horizon at sunset. No. None of these. It was the people. It was the women.

Not one day passed without a gesture of kindness from the people I met on the street.
“I see you are a stranger, may I offer you water?” “I see you are a stranger, would you like to sit in the shade of this tree?” “I see you are a stranger, shall I walk with you so will find your way?” And most recently, “You are American? I will pray for your country.”

In the USA I paint landscapes. In Africa the people became my landscape; the graceful stature of the women, the flow of robes and the flash of light; the energy and strength of the fishermen and farmers. I took these images home with me.
--Kathleen Walsh

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Mixed Media | 48 x 24 inches

We invite you to come by the gallery to see these pieces, plus our latest exhibit, the 6th Annual Miniature Show, or if you would rather browse online, click here to see more of our available artwork.

To hear more about Kathleen's inspiration and journey to create this series, watch her Art Talk:

307B England St., Ashland, VA 23005 | 804-752-3450 | | Tues-Fri 11-5 and Sat 11-4

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Opening Reception | Christopher S. Phillips | 'Memory Lane'

We had a wonderful evening at the opening reception for our newest exhibit, Memory Lanefeaturing paintings by Christopher S. Phillips. Phillips' work invites you to reminisce moments in your life, creating an emotional response that takes you down memory lane. He created beautiful landscapes and a conceptional series that explores the journey of life. 

Phillips studied at Pensacola Christian College, earning a BS in studio art. Afterwards, he stayed and earned his MFA under the mentorship of acclaimed biblical illustrator and fine artist, Brian Jekel. He has been influenced by revered illustrators and storytellers such as Dean Cornwell, N.C. Wyeth, and Arthur Rackham. Altogether, Phillips considers himself an illustrator in that he seeks to tell stories and convey truth in all of his creative work.
Phillips resides in Lynchburg, Va. with his wife, Kelsey Phillips – likewise an illustrator – and pet rabbit, Farley. He is a member of the Liberty University art faculty where he teaches painting, drawing, and design classes. As a teacher and illustrator, Phillips’ goal is to bring honor and glory to God and reflect His creativity.

Watch the video here!

Join us next month for our first Thursday reception! Mark you calendar for November 2nd from 5:30-8 p.m. Christopher will be giving another informative art talk during this reception and we would love to see you there! We will also unveil new works by Kathleen Walsh from her recent travels to Africa.

307B England St., Ashland, VA 23005 | 804.752.3540 |  Tues-Fri 11-5 & Sat 11-4

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jennifer Young | Art Talk

A Maine Experience

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Jennifer Young shared her excitement about her recent artist residency in Vinalhaven, ME. After being contacted to come and paint on Vinalhaven, the largest island off the mid-coast of Maine, she spent two weeks this past June soaking up and painting the local beauty. The island "is a place of rocky shorelines, dense forests of pine and spruce, swooping sea birds and quiet, secluded coves." The population is under 1,400 people and did not have street signs until 20 years ago. 

'Island Fog' | Oil on Linen | 8 x 10 inches
Jennifer spent her days exploring the rocky shorelines, setting up her "kit" and painting en plein air. During these excursions, Jennifer would lay down the light and shadow pattern before the weather changed. Fog was a constant part of the weather, but it didn't stop Jennifer. She states, "I enjoy the challenge of painting in fog, you have a small value range, and you have to tease out the details in a scene."

'Cliffside, Lane's Island' | Oil on Linen | 12 x 16 inches
Her favorite place to paint was Lane's Island, a 40-acre preserve managed by the Nature Conservancy with tide pools, rocky and pebble beaches and granite bluffs. Several old granite quarries are now swimming holes. During her time, the lupines, roses and wildflowers were blooming, which she captured in some of her pieces. The changeable weather with rolling fog, seal-sightings and the companionship of local waterfowl awakened her imagination. 

If you missed Jennifer's Artist Talk on September 10th, please watch the video here!

These beautiful pieces will be on display until September 30th, so please feel free to stop by and view the work if you are in the neighborhood. You can also shop online at your convenience at
307B England St. Ashland, VA 23005 | 804.752.3540 | Tues. - Fri 11-5, Sat. 11-4

Friday, September 15, 2017

Reception | It All Comes Together | Matthew Scott Myers

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Thursday for our reception. It was an eventful night with an art talk by Matthew Scott Myers and a lively birthday celebration for our owner, Hugh Joyce! 

Scott gave an informative art talk providing insight into how he conceptualizes and creates his stunning pieces. He took questions and from our audience about specific works and pointed out small details that offered a different perspective. To watch the full talk, click here.

For example, when describing the following six pieces Scott explained that this is a special tree near his home. He painted one of the strong branches with a bright background color. He liked the way it looked and thought it would be interesting to try another one with another fun background color. That got the ball rolling and he ended up painting four more. Each painting is slightly different and it's fun to challenge yourself to find the subtle differences. 

There are only a couple more weeks to view this exhibit. Don't miss the chance to see the amazing pieces in It All Comes Together! You can also shop at your leisure on our website Also, check out this video to hear Scott's artist talk during the reception

307B England St., Ashland, VA 23005 | 804.752-3450 | Tues-Fri 11-5 & Sat 11-4

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Opening Reception: Matthew Scott Myers

Matthew Scott Myers

It All Comes Together

After a quiet summer, we were thrilled to welcome back our friends for the opening reception of It All Comes Together, featuring North Carolina artist Matthew Scott Myers. A self-taught artist, working in acrylics and oils, Scott's goal is to capture the vibrant world he sees around him. He describes his works as Saturated Realism, or sometimes Acidism, and then sometimes also Impressionism. 

The evening was full of excitement and anticipation as each guest was entered into a raffle where one was selected to take home an original Matthew Scott Myers painting! Scott began the live painting at 6 pm and it was a treat to watch him work. He answered questions and encouraged audience interaction throughout the process. 

Here are some highlights from the evening...

It's always exciting to catch up with our friends, but the night also brought many new faces to Gallery Flux. We are always happy to show off our gallery and appreciate those traveling to see this striking new work from Matthew Scott Myers. If you missed out on our opening reception, please mark your calendar for our next reception September 7th from 5:30-8 pm or take a look at the work here on our website. It All Comes Together will be on display until September 29th, so stop by the gallery if you're in the neighborhood! 

Tuesday - Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-4
*we are closed Sunday and Monday

Friday, June 30, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Young

"Painting is the language I use to express my reverence for the beauty of the natural world. The delicacy of a flower, the power of the ocean waves, the brilliance of a sunset; all are awe-inspiring and represent one of our greatest gifts in this life, worthy of celebrating and protecting. I paint and draw from life as often as possible. Painting in nature, "en plein air", I learn to hone my skills of observation and distill the complexities of a scene down to its essentials. Bringing what I've learned back into the studio, I can then expand on my ideas with varied explorations in color, composition, and format. Ultimately it is my sincere hope that through my work I can inspire a renewed appreciation for art of the landscape and for Nature herself, as well as a desire to preserve the landscape for future generations."
-Jennifer Young 
Jennifer  Young - Take Me To the River
Take  Me to the River | Oil on Linen
24 x 30 inches | $2395 

Jennifer  Young - Lemons With a Springtime Shawl
Lemons with a Springtime Shawl | Oil on Linen
24 x 24 inches | $1995 

Jennifer  Young - Rassawek Vineyard
Rassawek Vineyard | Oil on Linen
30 x 40 inches | $3675 

Jumping for more of Jennifer's Work? Check her out on!

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Neher

"When I began to paint, after not having touched a piece of artwork for years, I came to art with little formal training, and 30 years of making my way through the world. When Professor Steve Cushner, at the Corcoran School of Art, asked his class “What do you want to accomplish when you paint?” my answer was that I wanted to incorporate systems theory into my paintings - linking my subjects with their before's and after's, as dynamic rather than static. Of course, I had no idea how to do this. For years, I painted, learning my materials and capabilities. One day, a studio guest asked me how I produced my work. While explaining that I often painted over old paintings that didn’t satisfy me, I realized that each previous painting had left parts of itself to participate in the newer painting. The new painting became an unexpected and unpredictable image incorporating elements of everything that came before."
- Lisa Neher 

Lisa  Neher - Irises
Irises Acrylic on Canvas   
48 x 36 inches | $3100

Lisa  Neher - Farmhouse
Farmhouse | Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 38 inches | $3100

Lisa  Neher - Afternoon Light on the Palms
Afternoon Light on the Palms | Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 38 inches | $3100

Liking Lisa's work? Browse on for more!