Saturday, December 2, 2017

Opening Reception | Kathleen Walsh 'Africa: Women I Met Along the Way'

It's been a busy month at Gallery Flux, but the most recent work from Kathleen Walsh is still resonating with us and we would be remiss if we didn't spotlight her opening and share the inspiration behind the artwork. It was an exciting night as we unveiled the stunning watercolor and mixed media pieces! The response to this work has been extraordinary and the crowd at the opening made for a fun evening!

For 20 plus years Kathleen Walsh lived, worked and raised a family overseas, eight of those years in Africa. During her time there, she built relationships with the local residents and became part of the community. On her trip this past year, she was inspired by the women. She took her sketch book with her and filled it with images of women as they went about their normal daily routines. The sketches inspired large acrylic and mixed media paintings upon her return to her studio in Fredericksburg. She let her creativity flow and the Africa: Women I Met Along the Way series was created.

Watercolor Sketches | 12 x 12 inches
It is difficult to say what in Africa surprised me most. Was it the half marathon run in the unimaginable heat of the Sahara, the handicapped in wheelchairs leading the race? Perhaps it was the miracle of water at an oasis deep within the desert. Maybe the staggering beauty of the orange red sun melting into the horizon at sunset. No. None of these. It was the people. It was the women.

Not one day passed without a gesture of kindness from the people I met on the street.
“I see you are a stranger, may I offer you water?” “I see you are a stranger, would you like to sit in the shade of this tree?” “I see you are a stranger, shall I walk with you so will find your way?” And most recently, “You are American? I will pray for your country.”

In the USA I paint landscapes. In Africa the people became my landscape; the graceful stature of the women, the flow of robes and the flash of light; the energy and strength of the fishermen and farmers. I took these images home with me.
--Kathleen Walsh

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Mixed Media | 48 x 24 inches

We invite you to come by the gallery to see these pieces, plus our latest exhibit, the 6th Annual Miniature Show, or if you would rather browse online, click here to see more of our available artwork.

To hear more about Kathleen's inspiration and journey to create this series, watch her Art Talk:

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