Friday, June 30, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Scott Myers

Matthew Scott Myers left College with an English degree and dreams of drinking and writing. However, he wound up traveling the United States and Europe in a  floundering, drinking a little too much, rock n roll type of band. Somewhere along the way, he picked up some cheap oils and taught himself how to paint. For the last ten years, Matthew has been dancing while he paints, raises two daughters who also dance while he paints, and is married to a lovely woman who wishes he would put on some pants when he dances. In the last year his work has blossomed into a many splendored thing: Part Realism-Part Colorful play. He hopes to capture the earth joyfully.

Matthew Scott Myers - Right in the Corner
Brighten the Corner | Oil on Canvas
8 x 8 inches | $400

Matthew Scott Myers - Untitled
Balanced | Oil on Canvas
48 x 36 inches | $5500
Matthew Scott Myers - A Short Pop of Pink
A Short Pop of Pink | Oil on Canvas
12 x 24 inches | $800

Making Notes on Matthew's Work? Check him out on! 

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